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Ya Gotta Go

A fun circle dance with freeze postures and color movements.

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Wild and Free

Use this song to open up the dialogue about endangered animals and their needs. Animal movements and habitats are celebrated in this special song.

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Water Water

The water cycle, the three states of matter and some of the properties of water are expressed in this beautiful call-and-response style song. The dance accompaniment is a fluid sequence…

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Water Cycle Story

The enactment of the water cycle through movement. Fun in the classroom and makes a beautiful performance.

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Riddle of the Planets

Each verse is a riddle about a specific member of our solar system. Children love working this out and shouting out the answers. Imagine a passion play of the solar…

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Rainbow Train

A follow-the-leader line dance color exploration to this beloved classic!

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Po Po Pi Pi

A call and response theater improvisation dance.

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Plant a Seed

Act out the growth cycle of a tree from the seed to maturity in thisspecial song.

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Planet Wonderland Pre-K

A dancing body rhythm warm-up song.

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