Home Planet Earth

This song certainly fulfills world geography exploration content standards as well as increasing vocabulary and pronunciation skills. The dance accompaniment includes beautiful images of dances as it travels alphabetically through 56 countries around the world. The chorus expresses solidarity within the rich and diverse world culture mosaic. This special video can accompany your class presentation with impressive results!

Ages 5-10

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Home Planet Earth
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Home Planet Earth
Maybe you were born in Argentina
Africa, Brazil or Bangladesh
Canada, Cuba, Djibhouti or Denmark
England, Ethiopia, Fiji, France
Guatemala, Germany or Hungary

Maybe you were born in Indonesia
India or Ireland
Jordan or Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea
Latvia or Laos or Lebanon
Madagascar, Mozambique or Mexico

Whatever the color of your skin
Or the country of your birth
Every single human is a citizen
Of our Home Planet Earth

Maybe you were born in New Zealand,
Norway, Nepal or Oman
Puerto Rico, Poland, Panama, Qatar
Russia, Romania, South Africa
Syria, Slovakia, Singapore

Maybe you were born in Tahiti
Tanzania, Taiwan, Tibet
Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Uganda, USA
Venezuela, Vietnam, Wales
Yemen, Zimbabwe, Zambia

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